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      我理想的工作(My ideal job)英語作文

      理想 時間:2021-08-31 手機版

      我理想的工作(My ideal job)英語作文

        在平時的學習、工作或生活中,大家都接觸過作文吧,作文是由文字組成,經過人的.思想考慮,通過語言組織來表達一個主題意義的文體。怎么寫作文才能避免踩雷呢?下面是小編收集整理的我理想的工作(My ideal job)英語作文,僅供參考,歡迎大家閱讀。

        I hope I can be a good English teacher or businesswoman.I know that be a teacher isn’t get good wages,but I just like this job.Do you know why?OK,Let me tell you now.Because I hope I can make more comtribute to my country.

        In my country,there are a lots of poor people ang there are a lots people can’t speak English.when them meet a foreigner,them only smile and say “hello”,they can’t say any other.I know this Circumstance, I feel very sad.So I decide to help them to improve their English.If I be an English teacher,I will try my best to teach them ,make them can speak more English,then them can speak well with foreigner,I will feel very happy and excited.

        At the same time,I hope I can be a businesswoman ,then earn more money to help poor people.Making their children can go to school to learn more knowledge ,when they know more something,they also can make contribute to our country,let our country stronger and stronger.

        In fact,I like to be a good English teacher more than be a businesswoman.because I like speaking English,when I talk to foreigner,I am feel very happy and success,It’s so nice.Now I am working hard,I am studying my English very hard and I like to talk any other foreigner, Cherish each opportunity.I plan to the Australia to study,go to learn more knowedge on English, make own English better and better. Then can make myself become a sucess English teacher.I hope I can make it.I will syudy harder and harder. Let it become true.

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