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      英語作文:我理想的事業The Career I Pursue

      理想 時間:2021-08-31 手機版

        As they differ in their interests, abilities and objectives in life, different people pursue different careers. Some love to be doctors, while others prefer to be scientists. Some like to be workers, whereas others choose to be technicians. My ideal career, however, is teaching. The reasons are as follows.

      英語作文:我理想的事業The Career I Pursue


        First, I can enjoy much freedom in my work. I will not frequently be told what to do and how to do it. The content of my lessons and the way I give them are largely determined by myself, which will leave more room for my imagination and creativity. In addition, I can always stay young mentally. Being with the young people most of the time, I will be influenced by their idea and lifestyle. I will then, feel that I am always in fashion. Furthermore, I will have two long vacations and much flexible time in which I can enjoy doing what I like to do.


        But teaching is also a demanding career, especially in a society as ours in which new things and knowledge come in multitude. Therefore, I have to read as much as possible to acquire the knowledge needed for my work.


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