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      理想 時間:2021-08-31 手機版




        Different people have different dreams. Some people dream of making a lot of money. Some people dream of living a happy life. Some people dream of being famous. Some people dream of going abroad, and so on. But my dream is different. Maybe you will get a surprise after you know my dream.

        I have a wonderful dream in my heart. It's to speak English very well. Since English is everything for me. English is my best friend. English is my soul. English is my power. Without English, I'm nothing at all. Nothing. Now, I can think in English, speak in English, and write in English. Some people think I'm an Indian. Some people regard I'm a Pakistan. And some people even consider that I'm an Egyptian. But if I could speak English as good as an American, my future would be brilliant. So I work very hard.


        My future will be happy. I already graduated at that time from the university. I will have a stable work.I will have my family, my husband,and a lovely child. What will be my future job?

        I have many ideals. I want to work as a singer, stands on the stage sings for the people; I want to work as a nurse, cure illness, brings the health for the people; I want to work as a pilot, drives the airplane in the blue sky; I want to work as a gardener, with a little bit sweat irrigation flowers, lets our life forever fill the green. After growing up.I want to ba a teacher.I will have many students.Every day I will give many classes to them. I will become a teacher who is always preparing my lessons.I can certainly be a good teacher in the future.

        I will also be a volunteer of my city. I will help a great deal of people.Do many meaningful things. I will Make contribution to my city and the society.

        If I can became an teacher, they are my forever hopes. this will be my future, when a grade teacher's dream.

        I will have a bright future.Now I will study hard and make preperation for my future.


        I am an ordinary person, I have an ordinary dream: Is a doctor.

        Because doctor may let these experience personally the human which the indisposition suffers to get rid of the pain.

        May let the human change the health. At the same time, I believed that, will help others, own also to be able to obtain joyfully. Therefore, I hoped future I might be a doctor.